Beer up the BUM(DRUM) Pheasant

On a cold December 23 evening I find myself standing outside cooking over a large metal Drum topped with a grill grate. The fuel for my … Continue Reading →


Trophy hunts can be found here in state

Carbon County has produced more big game entries in the Boone and Crockett record book than any other county in the country. In fact, Carbon County … Continue Reading →


Nature and nurture

Various factors can determine a buck’s rack Let’s face it – the one thing that every deer hunter has in common is the desire to harvest … Continue Reading →


The Snort Wheeze – Does it really work?

If you’re anything like me you appreciate a good white-tail archery hunt on television. My Saturday mornings are often spent with a hot cup of coffee … Continue Reading →


Protect Your Hearing While Hunting and Shooting

The picture above is a hunter practicing unsafe shooting. He should have some sort of hearing protection on. Hunting and shooting are popular sports, but damage … Continue Reading →

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Deer Calls: Your Preference, My Secret

With the season upon us I have begun my preparation work. The 2012 Pennsylvania archery season is just days away. I packed my backpack and noticed … Continue Reading →


Eye of the “buck-holder”

A few years back I heard a couple of hunters talking and showing off their buck. Eventually it led to a few more hunters joining in … Continue Reading →

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What is the Relationship Between Nanticoke and Crabs?

My love for crabs started as a child vacationing on the Chesapeake Bay. My parents would drive from Nanticoke to Baltimore via Route 11. In those … Continue Reading →


Favorite tree stands for 2012

     Every hunter has their own preference on where to hunt but I think most bow hunters would agree you need to be in the … Continue Reading →


Teacher becomes student

  We have all heard the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”. Well that might be true in most cases but not … Continue Reading →


Prepare your trophy for the taxidermist

     We all dream of that trophy we can hang up on the wall. Well before you get that trophy on the wall here are … Continue Reading →

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Help the honey bees

What you need to get started in backyard bee keeping I never cared much for insects, let alone bees that could fly around and sting you. … Continue Reading →


The Wave Goodbye

Saying goodbye to the wave I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania. Raised in a household by both my mother and my father, I was blessed enough … Continue Reading →


River Smallies

It’s no secret live bait can be dynamite for river small mouth bass. What is the best type of live bait one may ask? This can … Continue Reading →


To bow or cross bow? That is the question

This has become a topic of debate in many states including my home state of Pennsylvania. I am a 100% dedicated bow hunter that chooses to … Continue Reading →


A dirty little secret

It’s no secret that all whitetails have excellent sniffers. We have all had that dreaded experience with a mature momma whitetail who blows up the world … Continue Reading →


Don’t ruin the perfect hunt!

So imagine this. That morning you do everything right. Wait lets rewind. The previous evening you do everything right. You get your hunting gear together, you … Continue Reading →