Don’t ruin the perfect hunt!

So imagine this. That morning you do everything right.

Wait lets rewind. The previous evening you do everything right. You get your hunting gear together, you envision what your going to have for breakfast and you get your butt into bed early. Then 4:30 am comes. You scarf down your 3 eggs, toast and bacon, or perhaps just a cheese danish from the gas station on the way, and you make it to your hunting destination on time. Your on a roll. Now lets just imagine you get to your stand with out spooking any deer. You remembered to bring your release and range finder and you climb in that bad boy feeling on top of the world, or at least 20 ft high. Lets be honest, as hunters, life does not often go this smoothly. We have work, family, school, and bills weighing on our mind making us forgetful and often confusing us on what’s most important, the whitetail you have set out to slay. Ok back to our “perfect morning”. The sun is starting to rise and the leaves are crisp which gives the precise sound of deer hoof direction. The temperature is a magnificent 33 degrees and wind just so happens to be in your favor. I’d be willing to bet an 8 pointer with a 17 ½ inch spread shows up any minute… that’s if you didn’t start coughing. We have all been there. The tickle in your throat that you just try to ignore, but ignore not, that chest wants a cough and your throat clear is just not cutting it. A sneeze? Sure thats easy. Hold your nose and send that bad boy back to sinus alley, but your lungs and chest are much more persistent and relentless. Ladies and gentlemen, cough no more, for the doctor is in the house. The prescription you say? Its honey. That’s right, the delicious golden nectar those black and yellow insects work so hard to produce, works better then a sip of water or a lozenge. Water only gives you relief for a second, a lozenge, perhaps a minute. But I have found honey coats your throat perfectly eliminating the sensation or the need to cough or clear your throat for over an hour or more. Im not kidding. I know it sounds too good to be true, but try it. And heres the deal. If your anything like me, your hunting pack is already filled to capacity, a jar of honey and a spoon is the last thing you would want to lug around. Well thankfully, health food stores sell honey already packaged in long slender plastic tubes. They’re similar to pixie sticks but instead of dyed sugar it’s natural bee-made honey. They are made by this great company called Stash. The tubes come packaged in packs of 20 and retail for $4.95 a pack. They make for easy and light storage and there is just the perfect amount of honey to get the job done right. The price is right too. It’s no different then buying a pack of cough drops. (

We as hunters work hard not to bee seen, smelled, or heard. An agitating and annoying cough is like waving your arms in a tree and saying “hey you big tremendous 8 pointer, I’m over here”. Now thats just silly. Pack the honey, and when you bag a big one the day a cough strikes you’ll thank me.

Chris Higdon

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