A dirty little secret

It’s no secret that all whitetails have excellent sniffers. We have all had that dreaded experience with a mature momma whitetail who blows up the world after catching a whiff of our stink. The feeling it gives you is, “I might as well go home”. The hunting industry of course knows this and has been able to cash in big on selling you everything from scentless spray, deodorant, body wash, and clothing detergent. I have even seen scent blocking field wipes. I suppose one would use these “in the field” wipes to freshen up, or scent down while on post. Man up gentlemen, that’s similar to a woman reapplying lipstick on a date. There is no need to spend big bucks on these products. I’m here to tell you mother nature supplies us with a free store, and her products work best.

Let me give you “the dirt” on exactly what I’m talking about.

The majority of hunters wear scent block clothing and boots which in my opinion does a fine job. My tip is not here to replace that. However, if you’re anything like me, two parts of your body left exposed when hunting are your hands and your face. Because of that I come to learn and believe that the majority of your whitetail chasing scent and stink is being released from those areas, especially your hands. Now yes, some of you may wear a face mask or gloves but I prefer not to. Gloves hinder my dexterity to the bow and a face mask decreases my sense of hearing. My version of a face mask is very similar to the one you may get in a upscale spa or salon. Its nothing more then dirt or mud. Here are my directions to apply: When walking to your stand each morning or evening, stop, kick up the leaves and debris and take a scoop of mother natures fine fresh earth. Continue to rub this dirt in a circular motion all over the top and bottom of your hands as if you were applying lotion or soap. Lastly, you want to take any left over dirt from your hands and rub it on your face, neck, and ears. I have even found it is beneficial and advantageous to rub pine needles and/or its sap into the previously stated places of your body, as well.

To some this may seem extreme, but incorporating this into your pre-hunting routine will undoubtedly benefit you. Soon enough rubbing dirt on your hands and face will become second nature. Your wife however, may complain when you come home looking like “swamp thing”. Tell her to relax, your going to shower soon. You were just up to your elbows in heart and lungs field dressing that giant that never smelled you coming.

Chris Higdon

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