Favorite tree stands for 2012

     Every hunter has their own preference on where to hunt but I think most bow hunters would agree you need to be in the air. This is for a few simple reasons;
First we are keeping our scent as far away from the deer as possible. And second we are able to see better and are out of a deer’s line of sight.   My favorite tree stands are hang ons, climbers, and ladder stands. Now,let me tell you which ones and why.

Ladder stands:
     These are for all types of hunting and can be used by anyone.  Ladder stands are my favorite for rifle season and when taking a less experienced hunter, like my wife, with you. Ladder stands are usually very comfortable because of the seat with a backrest and large platforms. You can get ladder stands like the one I prefer with a roof and sides to keep out the elements and hide movement. Ladder stands can be heavy which makes them tough to carry and hard to set up on your own.  Ladder stands can also be time consuming to put together so just remember that before planning on hanging one.  Ladder stands can be productive and comfortable for all hunters.   My choice for a ladder stand is a Big Game double treestand. I like to comfort of the Big Game treestand and the ease of putting up the Big Game treestand. I hunt out of a Big Game double treestand so I can take my wife out with me since she is new to hunting.

     Mobility is the name of the game here. Climbers are good for areas you don’t have much time to scout and might need to move quickly. When I first started hunting a property in Illinois that I did not know well I was glad I brought my climber. I was on a seven day hunt and found an area I thought would produce deer activity. This area produced plenty of deer activity but about 60 yards from where I hung my stand. After seeing multiple deer including a shooter 150 inch buck I decided to make a move. I took my climber to the area where I was seeing most of the deer and it paid off with me seeing a 145 inch buck that I could not get a clear shot on, and then shot a 120 inch 8 pointer. My hunting partner then took his climber into the same area and shot the 145 inch buck I previously saw. The problem with a climber is carrying the stand in and out of the woods everyday and having to get higher than normal in a tree because to use a climber you need a tree without many limbs. You can’t beat the comfort of a Summit climber. The Summit is quieter to set up and digs into a tree well so you won’t be worried about the stand slipping. Climb a tree with a Summit and you won’t be disappointed unless your so comfortable you fall asleep and don’t know what you missed!

Hang on treestand:
     Now to my absolute favorite stand to hunt out of, a hang on treestand. You can get in trees with great cover and put them at a height you are most comfortable with. I like being able to walk into my stand and be able to climb right in and when I am done hunting for the day I like to be able to climb right out and not have to worry about hauling a stand out of the woods with me. I also like not having a big bulky ladder in the tree I am in like with a ladder stand. I prefer to hunt at least 20 feet high and most ladder stands don’t come that long. The negative with a hang on stand as with a ladder stand is not being able to move locations quickly. If you are hunting an area you know and do your scouting, a hang on stand would by choice. My favorite hang on stand are Gorilla hang on treestands. Gorilla stand are extremely sturdy and made to take a beating. Gorilla stands are also fairly light and easy to carry in the woods. Gorilla stands are also way plopped with plastic washers anywhere the stand can move which eliminates any unwanted squeaks or noises when you move in the stand. The best part of a Gorilla treestand is the seat, Gorilla treestands come equipped with a large padded seat that you can sit all day in the tree in total comfort.

     The choice of a treestand is yours. There are many types, all with their advantages and disadvantages. I have tried many different brands and types and these are my favorites for each particualr situation.

John Stravinski
Pro-staff writer

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