Deerstew.com is a website designed to express the passion, experience, and knowledge we have for deer hunting and many other outdoor activities. Here at Deer stew you will find that we are ordinary citizens with a love for the outdoors. It is not just a hobby practiced, but a lifestyle lived. Our “stew” is not only made with deer (although we like that best). Our metaphoric pot contains a little bit of everything and we hope you visit us often to take a stir. We want to inspire the beginner as well as the seasoned outdoorsman. With new found wisdom and ideas, this recipe will always be evolving. We have a dedication to learn and share new and effective ways to hunt, fish, cook, or simply just be a better person.

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  • John Krebs says:

    Thanks for starting up this website for local hunters and fisherman.I hope your site takes off like a bullet from a 240 Weatherby magnum.Good Luck

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